Selection from a Corrected Typescript of Majorie Kinnan Rawlings’ novel The Yearling

Project of Merit Winner!
Author(s): Sarah Virginia Dumitrascu
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Clayton McCarl
Department: Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Digital Projects Showcase Exhibitor Award


With the recent advent of digital word processors, physical representations of editorial practices have largely disappeared while a misconception about writing as an instantaneous or single-draft process has emerged. Compounding this issue is the prominence of literary studies that emphasize the works of renowned authors as products, rather than processes. My digital textual editing project, “A Selection from a Corrected Manuscript of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’s novel The Yearling”, seeks to transcribe the manuscript of Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, The Yearling, which is marked with typed and hand-written revisions. Utilizing TEI-XML encoding, my project will create distinct viewing options for Rawlings’s manuscript that allow users to read the document by revision-type to answer the question, “To what extent does revision in writing matter?” By comparing the document with or without certain levels of Rawlings’s revisions, users will understand the significance of editing literary work while also studying the detailed practices of a nationally acknowledged author. Implementing authentic methods of digital editing to analyze the specific linguistic choices of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, my project’s interactive model will also create a new method of viewing and isolating the text, revealing certain layers or details that may be obscured in the original. As an in-depth study of Rawlings’s creative and lexical revisions, my project offers research opportunities for both scholars of rhetoric and creative writers alike to examine the extent to which writing changes through processes of revision.

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  1. Beautiful work, Sarah. The project itself is so interesting, and your presentation of it is impressive and effective. Your abstract and poster are both outstanding, and the video really allows the audience to experience the project in person in all its rich detail. Thank you!

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