Duval County Food Pantry Inventory and Center of Nutrition and Food Security Hunger Study Research

Honorable Mention Winner!
Author(s): Lena Elemam
Faculty Mentor: Kelly Rhoden
Department: Environmental Center
Environmental Center Leadership Program Project


This project is being done and monitored under the Center for Nutrition and Food Security in Brooks college of Health at the University of North Florida. Its goal is to have all of the food pantries around Florida sorted out and organized in a list. It Ensures that the list includes the pantry’s website contact information, updated days and times for food distribution, and the correct address. Working on the nutrition center project requires us to think about four levels of work. The first level is supply where we check who is providing emergency food assistance. The second level is Demand, where and how the resources are being distributed or sent. The third level is Health Information. It is kept confidential and totally anonymous. The fourth and final Level is about Food availability and affordability. Additionally, we are also working on a hunger map that allows individuals and community organizations to see where the meals and hunger gaps are in the community. This allows the organizations to better plan resource distribution and food access programs. The hunger map of North east Florida is a Geographic Information System(GIS) map. It allows the people to move the map and click on the resources that are closest to them. The field will show the name of the pantry, location, hours, contact information, services, and eligibility. This makes it easier for the individuals to find food pantries whenever they are in need.

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