Six Student Projects from the North Florida Editorial Workshop

Author(s): Marisa Pechillo, Cassidy Bowen, Carol Lynne Hemmingway, Rebecca Nunes, Emilia Thom, Matthew Welcome
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Clayton McCarl
Department: Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


In this presentation, six students will discuss digital editing projects they have carried out through the North Florida Editorial Workshop (NFEW). Five of the projects were carried out in the Summer 2020 course DIG3152 Introduction to Electronic Textual Editing, taught by Dr. Clayton McCarl of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Emilia Thom undertook the sixth project separately in fulfillment of her capstone requirement for the Hicks Honors College. We worked to edit and encode transcriptions of items from various archives, including UNF Special Collections, the St. Augustine Historical Society, and the PK Yonge Library in Gainesville. The goals of these projects are to expand the historical narrative of northeast Florida and make the documents more accessible to academic communities and the general public. We each provide a summary of our work, along with brief reflections on what we have learned. We presented these projects at the 2021 conference of the National Council on Public History, as part of a session titled “Digital Editing as Public History Pedagogy,” organized by Dr. McCarl and Dr. Karen Cousins, director of the UNF Office of Undergraduate Research. Our editions, with exhibits that provide additional context, are available on the NFEW website (

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