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Self: A Visual Study of Dissociation Staff Pick poster

S e l f : A Visual Study of Dissociation

STAFF PICK Research Authorship: Bear Cooper, Sheila Goloborotko Faculty Mentor: Sheila Goloborotko, M.F.A. | College of Arts and Sciences | Department of Art, Art History and

Serial Killers & Childhood Trauma poster

Serial Killers & Childhood Trauma

Research Authorship: Dani Adelstein, Ermanette Diaz, Matthew Hood, Caige McAuliffe, Tara Pickett, Melinda Rule, & Tes Tuason, Ph.D. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tes Tuason | Brooks

The Spillover Effect: Fact or Fiction poster

Spillover Effect: Fact or Fiction

Audio Presentation: Audio Transcript Research Authorship: Madisen Reasonover, M. Ryan Nugent, & Heather Barnes Truelove, Ph.D. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Heather Barnes Truelove | College of