Mentoring Teachers, Students, and Faculty

Mentoring Teachers, Students, and Faculty poster

Research Authorship:

Kaci Biats, Shelley Lester, James Crosby

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Richard Chant, Shelley Lester | College of Education and Human Services | Department of Foundations and Secondary Education


The research detailed in this project surrounds the idea of relationships. Relationships are the basis of education in every aspect of the profession. In this scenario, a Professional Development School (PDS) partnered with a university to develop a mentor coach as well as teacher candidates. The PDS in question, Orange Park High School (OPHS), partnered with the University of North Florida (UNF) in order to train a new mentor coach while also training a teacher candidate and observing the impact it has on the Algebra I students of OPHS. The organization of this partnership was orchestrated by a Resident Clinical Faculty (RCF), the role of whom was to serve as a facilitator between the PDS and the university. Since Clay County and UNF already built a strong relationship between each other, the goal of this partnership was to use this strong relationship to mentor the teacher candidate and ensure they complete their duties as an intern, as well as train a new mentor coach and strengthen the skills needed to support Algebra I teachers in their endeavors of improving Algebra I students’ test scores. By having the mentor coach work with the teacher candidate to enhance their teaching skills, the mentor coach improved their own facilitation skills. The role of the teacher candidate, in addition to their intern duties, was to push into Algebra I classrooms during group work and provide additional knowledge as well as support for the students in the classroom.