S.M.A.R.T Technologies for Students who are Deaf with Disabilities

S.M.A.R.T Technologies for Students who are Deaf with Disabilities poster

Research Authorship:

Logan Silverman, Dr. Caroline Guardino

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Caroline Guardino | College of Education and Human Services | Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education


In 2017, Drs. Guardino, Cannon and Mr. Logan Silverman presented the different types of technology that may assist professionals when working with students with disabilities. Last year, in November 2018, Dr. Guardino gave a keynote presentation at the Florida Educators of the Deaf and hard of hearing annual conference addressing the various strategies professionals use when serving students who are deaf with disabilities (i.e., autism, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder). Within the presentation, a live poll was taken to ascertain and share the exact strategies used. Interestingly, many of the professionals responded to the poll by offering their use of different technologies (apps, software, devices). Although these technologies were named, there was not enough time to demonstrate their use. This year, Mr. Logan Silverman and I will analyze the poll results from last year and demonstrate the most frequently selected technological strategies as well as others (e.g., Sign2TXT, do2learn, carolgraysocialstories.com, ECT, PECS/cough drop app, gonoodle, Class Dojo, OneNote).